My Cat Food Recipe

My frustration started with a vet trip, many actually. I came home from a long day at work to find my fuzzy butt Venom a bit bloated and not spry, he could not get comfortable and made many trips to the litter box. Being his fuzzy mommy and hyper observant I knew this was not like him, so began the stressful watch in hopes of him getting better… he didn’t and so we go to the vets and 11 at night. The result is there is a crystal blocking his urethra and letting him pass urine, because of the crap they put in the cat foods they are not by my standards foods. So the vet tried to pass this prescription brand that is not only $$$ but also not as close to what your feline buddy would eat in the wild and they might not be able to stomach it. My brain screamed WTF then it should not be consumed. So I dug into many articles and compared many references, and my apologies I do not remember all of them. I kick myself because some of them are great.

After four years of experience my husband and I have with making our own cat food, and many happy meal times I can say we have a good mix. Our recipe changes from time to time, and that is determined by the color of our kitties stole but the ingredients stay the same.

Meats to use;
Chicken hearts 2 parts – 2lbs for us,
Chicken livers 2 parts- 2lbs for us,
(Avoid gizzards in older cats (3yrs+) or all together, harder to swallow),
Chicken Thighs 1 part – 1lbs for us,
(Brest are good, thighs have Turien that cats need),

Peas (cooked in with foods) depending on the size of your batch,
Carrots (cooked in with foods),
(you could give as a treat (freeze or room temp) or add a dollop to food. Find the stuff that is as close to just yams as possible)

We add Turien supplement once the food is cool to meet their need,
There are others you could add, just don’t go too crazy

Coconut Oil (has good fats and nutrients, great for joints and coat)
Grape Seed Oil (has good vitamin E, great for coat)
Olive Oil (has good vitamin E, great for coat)


All cats prefer different textures, Venom and Lil’Dude like their food blended up, becomes like the canned wet food but with a nutritional value. We make big batches and divide the meat pudding into 2+ cup containers and freeze all but one to keep them from spoiling when one container is half way done pull one out of the freezer and put in the fridge. if you forget to pull one out of the freezer and let thaw over night.

Cover and cook slowly (low to low/med heat) till everything is brown, stir twice and let sit to cool before blending. Do not drain off the liquid, it helps everything blend up and keeps the water and nutrients in the food. We feed them twice a day about 5oz total (vet recommendation for the size and age) or 1/4 cup and a half in the morning and 1/4 cup at night. Because cats don’t drink on their own (sometimes), we add water to their dish, about 1/8th of a cup.

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