Celebration Detox

Celebration Detox

What do you do when you’ve partied too much? You do the celebration detox! This post is inspired by a new book I’m reading call Woman Code by Alisa Vitta. Alisa’s new email blast is about how to recover from all the food and drink we have consumed, she calls it her Holiday Detox. This Detox covers some really important organs that help us feel great in our daily activities like our liver, intestines and lymph system. With traditional medicine eating for health is not emphasized, this is why I love Alisa Vitta. She does not sugar coat it literally, she describes in her book how making simple changes can make you look, feel and exude your true sexy.

Let’s start with the Liver; this is your filtration system and every filter needs to be cleaned, especially after being used well. Alisa mentions Milk Thistle but I’ve never heard of this till now and it made me nervous to find out what I would have to go through to get it. But I’ve got here some alternatives to Milk Thistle that is more common to our everyday ears.

Here they are according to HUFFPOST; Garlic, Grapefruit, Beets, Leafy Greens, Green Tea, Avocados, Cruciferous Vegetables, Lemons, Turmeric, and Walnuts. For more details tap the link to visit the post by HUFFPOST LIVING.

Now the Intestines; this is your eliminator, getting everything out the body didn’t need or want. Alisa says that your intestines may be inflamed by all the gluten we’ve consumed so we need to drink plenty of Green Juice and first thing in the morning. Juice Recipes for your health has a lot of good recopies just for you to choose from and remember green is best.

On to the Lymph Flow; we require some activities that will make use sweat a little, Alisa suggest her favorite activity to get her Lymph System flushed is jumping on a trampoline. Other methods are; message focused on getting the lymph system flowing, Chiropractic care, Dry skin brush, Essential oils, Deep Breathing, Oil Pulling, Loose Clothing and always add water after these activities to boost the effects. Get more details at Gutsy’s nourishing food for a happy and healthy gut.

I highly recommend getting the book Woman Code, Alisa has very good resins as she will mention in the book to be dedicated to all women’s flo living. Her motivation was her own body and her passion is helping you with yours too. Don’t forget to sign up for her emails the value is priceless!


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